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Tylok Fitting & Valves

In the mid-1940s, Cullen Crawford developed and patented the original flare-less fitting (nut & double ferrule system), making it easier and more efficient to make tubing connections. Based on this innovation, he founded the Crawford Fitting Company, creating an industry for compression fittings.

Now, Tylok has been manufacturing its products in the USA for 68 years and are continuing to innovate and provide quality-driven products to their customers.

Tylok offers double & single ferrule tube fittings in fractional and metric, high pressure ball, needle, check and plug valves, metal and PTFE-lined flex hose, quick connects, dielectric fittings, pipe fittings, pressure gauges, pre-swaging kits and engineered pre-fab kitting solutions.


Xinval Valves and Fittings

Founded in 2022, XINVAL TECH (Core Valve Technology Co., Ltd) is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of fluid pipe valves. The company’s founding team entered the field of fluid control in 2008, and after 15 years of precipitation, it has accumulated rich experience in pipe valve product design, R&D, quality control, manufacturing and sales.  

The core valve technology product line is mainly divided into the following four categories:

1. High Purity and Ultra High Purity Diaphragm Valves: 1/4″ to 1/2″ in connection size, working pressure from vacuum to 207 bar (3,000 psig), 316L, 316L VAR, 316L VIM/VAR stainless steel for the main body;

2. High purity pressure regulator: the maximum inlet pressure can reach 414 bar (6,000 psig), a variety of outlet pressure ranges are available, and the special diaphragm material and structural design ensure stable and reliable product quality;

3. Metal surface seal joints and welded joints: a variety of specifications and sizes are available, and the internal surface roughness of the product is electrolytically polished to Ra 0.25 μm (10 μin), or Ra 0.13 μm (5 μin).

Classic Filters

Classic Filters – the gas and liquid filter-system specialist

From a filter element, to a filter housing, to a complete filter system for almost any function, they deliver some of the most robust, high-quality, coalescing and particulate filters in the world.

Whatever material, whatever application. They make filters according to your specific needs, and they’re proud of what they do.


E.I.F. supplies special filter solutions for analyzing systems. ASTUTE is an excellent platform for the next generation of sensors and analyzers being developed for the ISA/ANSI SP76 specification. It allows for different sample streams, regulation of physical characteristics of the sample and sample filtration all in one system.


Shelco Filters

Superior Solution and Satisfaction

Since 1973, Shelco has used state-of-the-art research and development to design high-quality filters that increase performance and reduce costs.

As the leading industrial filter manufacturer, their proven single shell design – made in the USA – has become an industry standard; and today, their entire product line offers innovative solutions for each customer.

Shelco Filter Cartridges are distributed and used the world over in a wide range of high-purity applications.


Founded in 1983, Sensidyne was established as a manufacturer and distributor of gas detection and air sampling instrumentation and a major supplier of gas detection tubes.

They provide products to a broad range of process, manufacturing and infrastructure industries including Power, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Mining, Industrial Gases, Semi-conductor, Metals, Water and Waste Treatment facilities worldwide. 

The core competencies lie in product development, manufacturing, distribution and service of fixed gas detection, brands include SensAlert® Fixed Point Gas Detectors.

Sensidyne is dedicated to providing the highest reliability, latest technology, expert customer service, and technical support.  They also provide detailed technical information and assistance for a wide variety of applications across their entire product offering. Sensidyne is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization.

Pressure Tech

Pressure Tech designs and manufactures an extensive range of high quality stainless steel pressure regulators for use on gas and liquid applications, as well as Monel, Hasteloy and other high-quality metal.

Their ability to work closely with their customers and listen to their specific needs, has helped ensure that they design products that provide accurate control to their systems, with long term reliability in service.

They also manufacture special regulators for the diving world and H2 hydrogen systems.

Pressure Tech regulators are manufactured within the UK and covered by ISO-9001 accreditation.


iPolymer (IPS: International Polymer Solutions, including TEQCOM Industries and BECO Manufacturing), is specialized in providing high-purity engineered flow control solutions to the global market. 

They manufacture high-purity plastic fluid handling and actuation devices for industries and applications requiring engineered performance using PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PEEK, Polypropylene, PVC and other specialized polymers.

These products are ideal for use in semiconductor, bio-medical, pharmaceutical, food and sanitary process, high-purity laboratory, and other general chemical handling environments.


King Instrument Company

King Instrument Company manufactures 95% of the 6000 meter components used in their products in-house. These include the borosilicate glass metering tubes they call Kinglass.

They operate an in-house calibration lab and perform NIST traceable calibrations (conform to ISA RP 16.6).

The King product line has grown and expanded to satisfy the demands of almost any variable area flowmeter application.

Nearly all their products are designed in response to customer need with their own exceptional quality and distinctive style.


Trademark for Quality Pressure Gauges and Thermometers since 1903 and your Partner for Pressure and Temperature Measurement.

They are a competent partner for mechanical pressure measuring instruments, chemical seal mounting, electronic pressure measuring instruments, mechanical temperature measuring instruments and electrical temperature measuring instruments, thermowells and calibration technology.

Their product range also comprises all accessories, such as pressure gauge valves, pressure gauge cocks and siphons.

They also gladly offer their service to fit transmitters provided by their customers.

In addition to the production of their quality standard products according to DIN EN, they also offer advice and assistance for their customers even in case of difficult metrological problems. They develop numerous custom-made products especially for their customers.

Winters Instruments

Since 1953, Winters Instruments manufactures high-quality instrumentation to all markets that require pressure and temperature measurement. The company is a leading, global manufacturer of industrial instrumentation.

Their comprehensive product lines of pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, transmitters, switches and accessories are marketed by an extensive network of distribution partners.





Marmon/DEKORON® Heat Control products are an efficient, low cost method for installing heat traced instrument lines. They are engineered to meet the design and operating specifications of the refining, petrochemical, chemical, power, and associated industries.

DEKORON®/UNITHERM’s Heat Control product line consists of:

  • Pre-Insulated Tubing
  • Pre-Insulated Steam Traced Tubing
  • Pre-Insulated Electric Traced Tubing
  • Flexible Heated Hoses
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Industry

BULK srl instrument

BULK srl instrument designs and manufactures compression type double ferrule fittings, needle valves and 2,3,4,5 way manifolds, GRP instrument enclosures, sunshades and flexible soft instrument enclosures.

GRP instrument protection enclosures attract a great deal of interest, given the large and constantly increasing number of plants built in extreme environmental conditions. They have the possibility to supply these boxes with your instruments pre-assembled, so you don’t have problems arising from assembly in the field.