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Do you need a biogas filter system?

The biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion of organic waste can be converted into biomethane, this is called biogas upgrading. To help prevent further CO2 emissions, this 100% renewable energy can be used to replace fossil fuels.

Biogas upgrade technology
Various biogas upgrading technologies are available such as chemical scrubbers, water scrubbers, membranes etc. These essentially remove contaminants from the biogas to provide the best possible methane content. Highly efficient biogas filters are an essential part of the upgrade process.

Typical biogas filters
A typical filtration system would include coalescing filters and an adsorbent medium stage, such as silica gel, to remove all liquid droplets and aerosols and solid particles.

Sometimes a lot of liquid is present in the biogas. To eliminate most of the liquid before the coalescing filters, add a catchpot stage.

Which biogas filters do you need?
A wide range of filter housings and micron sizes ensure we have something to suit your filter applications.

Stock filters
We stock all of our standard coalescing filters and adsorbers. Even if you need something special, we can react quickly to design and supply a custom filter housing. As we have the Pressure Equipment Directive Module H (UK and EU), we can customize the filter housings with either a CE or UKCA mark.

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